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Building Something People Care About with Calming Manatee Founder Kurt Elster

Today’s guest, who came highly recommended by former guest Nick Loper, really put my robot dancing to shame. And, more importantly, he dropped some serious wisdom about how doing more awesome shit and putting it out into the world has shifted the way he leads and runs his business. Kurt Elster shares with me how one stupid auto-correction error in a […]

Finding What Connects Us and Changing Your World with Nelson de Witt / Roberto Coto

Today’s guest has a remarkable story, which is why I couldn’t wait to get him on the show. I met Nelson de Witt at MisfitCon in Fargo this past spring where I learned of his story about being separated from his biological family during El Salvador’s civil war and how he was reunited with them at the age of […]

Craig McBreen on the Art of Breaking Out and Reigniting Your Life

Today’s featured guest, Craig McBreen, talks to us about the art of breaking out. How he moved from a 3,500 sq. ft. home to a 1000, sq. ft. apartment–by choice–to escape the shackles of homeownership and reignite his life as a middle-aged, location-independent traveling vagabond. If you think you’re too old to shut up and make shit […]

Making Money In Your Spare Time with Chief Side Hustler Nick Loper

Thanks to my mastermind friend Charlie Poznek, I had the complete pleasure of being formally introduced to Nick Loper, Chief Side Hustler at Side Hustle Nation. Nick is the author of the popular book Work Smarter: 350+ Online Resources Today’s Top Entrepreneurs Use to Increase Productivity and Achieve Their Goals. We had a great conversation about […]

Getting Up and Out of Your Way with Laura Aiisha Haykel

It’s rare to find other young mommy misfitesque entrepreneurs like me who’ve shared a similar turbulent past…from high school drop out to doing amazing work in the world that uplifts, inspires and empowers other women today. My spiritual doppelganger Laura Aiisha Haykel joins me on today’s episode to talk about her journey from leaving home […]

What’s the Deal with Ladies in Business? – Featuring Jessica Kupferman

On today’s episode I welcome “The Gordon Ramsey to Your Online Kitchen Nightmare” Jessica Kupferman, founder and host of Lady Business Radio. We jam-packed the show today with conversations about being a woman entrepreneur (and we’re not only talking about business), the dangers in losing sight of the thing you’re good at, and mimicking others […]

Transformation Expert Honoree Corder on Being Authentically Attractive

It still boggles my mind that today’s guest did not consider herself an author or writer until publishing book six of her collection of 12. I was so excited to chat with Honoree Corder, who was kindly referred by our friend and former guest Andrea Waltz (who taught us how to say NO!).  Honoree is an […]

Inspiring Hope Through Movement with Amy Clover of Strong Inside Out

Thank you everyone who joined us for The Shut Up Show LIVE event on Friday. If you missed it, we brought back Amy Clover of Strong Inside Out on to the show as she stopped in my former home city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin along her 10-city national tour to bring inspiration through movement. Amy and I […]

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