Meet The Shut Up Show 2.0 – Episode 100

We made it to 100, yo!

As always, I must first give a huge shout out to Selz, our amazing sponsor. You have had our back for four months now and the journey with you has been nothing but awesome sauce. Thank you Melissa Whidjaya and Selz team for believing in us and helping us make this show even better to support our beloved #shutupshow community.

Today’s episode is a lot longer than usual as I give a shout out to all our guests featured in episodes 76 through 99. And, I announce all the new changes coming to THE SHUT UP SHOW just in time for its one year anniversary in April!

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SHUT UP Tips (Highlights from 76 through 99):

Creating a body of work that we’re really proud of is our life’s work. @PamSlim (click to tweet)

Who we are today is not who we are going to be tomorrow or the next day. – @Michelle2dream (click to tweet)

I realized it wasn’t just a failure. I did a lot of things wrong I could change. So I tried again. – @IppoDude (click to tweet)

Nobody gives a shit at the end of the day, we’re all wrapped up with what’s going on in our own lives. @TalkTherapyBiz (click to tweet)

It doesn’t dilute what you do when you share credit with other people. – @OsakaSaul (click to tweet)

I had jumped. There was no way of going back to the top of the cliff. – @ThatBrendon (click to tweet)

Following your dreams is not a matter of cost or time–it’s a matter of courage and discipline. – @TraciBogan (click to tweet)

I didn’t get what I wanted until I let go of what I wanted in order to give somebody what they wanted. – @MarcEnsign (click to tweet)

No is a gift. We need to unwrap it, say thank you, and find the goodness to get a “yes” next time. – Andrea Waltz @goforno (click to tweet)

Joy is the only currency that really matters. – @AJLeon #remarkablemisfit (click to tweet)

No one was born with this special DNA that some of us got and some of us didn’t get.  – Mike Dilbeck @ResponseAbility (click to tweet)

I was making statements. I kept doing. But the problem is I don’t know who I was making them to or why. – @KPenebaker (click to tweet)

I wasn’t taught to ask questions just accept things as they are. Now I examine things like a scientist. – @FelSpahr (click to tweet)

So many of us sleepwalk through life. Knowing the energies helps us become more aware. – @TheTarotLady (click to tweet)

You can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig. You have to make a social pig first before you put lipstick on it. @NickKellet (click to tweet)

We teach you to ask. It’s about talking, knowing where everyone is coming from, and respecting all perspectives. – Mike Domitrz @datesafeproject (click to tweet)

You have to believe in the belief others have in you until your belief catches up with theirs. – @HalElrod (click to tweet)

When you have a growth mindset, it’s not win or lose. It’s win or learn. – @DavidBurkus (click to tweet)

The world can be what you make of it. If you see something you don’t like, you can change it. – @NateStPierre (click to tweet)

If you do 51% of the things to be successful then you’ll be successful. – Scott “Q” Marcus @thistimeimeanit (click to tweet)

How can you outgive those people in your life that really and truly need to be given to? – @PhilGerb (click to tweet)

You are good enough. Give yourself permission to speak, love and be loved. – @BerniXiong (click to tweet)

Thank you to our guests from episodes 76 through 99:

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From Epic Failure to Multi-Millionaire with Serial Entrepreneur Ian Ippolito – Episode 79

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How to Startup from Nothing with Saul Fleischman – Episode 81

Brendon Thomas on Building Wings From IT Manager to Entrepreneur – Episode 82

Keeping Your Eye On the Why with Dreampreneur Traci Bogan – Episode 84

Killing It Online with Former Broadway Musician Marc Ensign – Episode 85

Going For No with Andrea Waltz – Episode 86

The SHUT UP Show Hosts The Life and Times of a Remarkable Misfit LIVE! – Episode 87

From Bystander to Badass with Mike Dilbeck – Episode 88

Khary Penebaker on Losing Everything and Finding Joy at Home – Episode 89

Copywriting Like an Oscar-Winning Actress with Fel Spahr – Episode 90

Learning to Trust Your Instincts with The Tarot Lady, Theresa Reed – Episode 91

Nick Kellet on Building Social into Your Product – Episode 92

Making ‘Plan A’ Your Only Option with Mike Domitrz – Episode 93

From Mediocre to Miraculously Successful with Yo Pal Hal Elrod – Episode 94

David Burkus Silences the Critics with The Myths of Creativity – Episode 95

Give Forward and Change the World with Nate St. Pierre – Episode 96

Striving for ‘Imprefection’ with Chief Recovering Perfectionist Scott ‘Q’ Marcus – Episode 97

Being Intentional and Making It Great with Phil Gerbyshak – Episode 98

Kicking Fear in the Shins with Berni Xiong – Episode 99

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