You’re 50?! SHUT UP! – Backstage with Berni & Phil – Episode 50

This wouldn’t be a The SHUT UP Show if we didn’t spend at least 5 minutes going on about how awesome our fellow podcaster, friend and former guest Srini Rao (BlogcastFM) is. Congrats on your new book hitting #1 on Amazon! Srini, you now owe us $1 kagillion dollars #JustSayin.

By the title of this episode you can probably tell that Phil and my pretty baby, The SHUT UP Show, has just turned 50! In celebration of publishing our 50 episodes today, we have also launched the audio version of our show in a podcast. You can find the new Podcast page here and, in about a day or so, the show’s podcast feed will also be available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Blackberry. Now you can finally listen to us right from your smart phone!

This episode is a lot longer than our usual show length but, dog gone it, it was worth every minute to mention our amazing guests from episodes 26 through 49 and to let you in the know about all the exciting things to come for the show. Here’s to 50 more!!


Watch the show (uncensored & unedited) 

SHUT UP Tips (Highlights from 26 through 49):

It’s okay to share some Shut Up Love –>

It is about you but it’s not about you. We’re all connected but you’ve got to show up. @dailywhip #shutupshow (click to tweet)

 Even if you fail like Forrest Gump on acid, you’ll find a way to make money and be successful. – @marsdorian on #shutupshow (click to tweet)

In this economy, you have to have a system and work it and work it and work it. @SmBizGuru on #shutupshow (click to tweet)

Take that little step. It’s not a cliff. Usually it’s more like stepping off the curb. @STEWest on @_theshutupshow #shutupshow (click to tweet)

We’re not perfect but we’re perfect. We’re not brave but we’re brave. – @gpkansas on @_theshutupshow #shutupshow (click to tweet)

I have two choices. Continue to cry, grieve and struggle. Or become the best possible deaf person I could be. @DeafMom #shutupshow (click to tweet)

I don’t want to compromise on a happy life. I don’t feel like living an unsatisfied, torturous life is an option. @MegWorden #shutupshow (click to tweet)

We just felt so free and completely in the moment when we ignored the fear moment. – @SheilaViers @_theshutupshow #shutupshow (click to tweet)

If you can’t be whole and human, you inherently will not be able to show up with a life that really resonates. @CurtRosengren #shutupshow (click to tweet)

We didn’t want to go back to someone else’s job. We became addicted to being masters of our own destiny. @israelpsmith #shutupshow (click to tweet)

Instead of worrying about what I expect it to be, I learned to be grateful for what is. @ElizGreene #shutupshow (click to tweet)

I almost didn’t get into the RV but deep down I felt I had to. I was in this place of “Fuck it, why not?” @sallyhopesays #shutupshow (click to tweet)

No one else believes how awesome you are if you are the one who has to tell them. @petershankman on @_theshutupshow #shutupshow (click to tweet)

There are two things in the world: fear and love. They’re constant. I can attract one and repel one. @JessPettitt #shutupshow (click to tweet)

Realize we have control over our thoughts. Less control than we like. More power than we know. @MeiMeiFox #shutupshow (click to tweet)

There was this back chatter about women going to combat. I had this mindset: The jet doesn’t know the difference. @CareyLohrenz #shutupshow (click to tweet)

Thank you to our guests from episodes 26 through 49:

Think Like a Stripper, Build a Thriving Business with Erika Lyremark – Episode 26

Standing Out Online & Hustling Your Face Off with Mars Dorian – Episode 27

Erika Napoletano On Getting UNstuck and to a Better Version of F*ck Yeah – Episode 28

From Mediocre to Millions with The Small Business Guru Melody Campbell – Episode 30

Be the Master of Disaster (and Crisis Management) Like Shelby Edwards – Episode 31

Talking Good Systems & Processes with Lifelong Software Entrepreneur Stewart Rogers – Episode 33

Crossing the Bridge from Fear to Fantastic with George P. Kansas – Episode 34

Karen Putz aka @DeafMom on Putting Your Feet Back in the Water – Episode 35

Finding Freedom On Your Plate, in Prison and Poverty with Meg Worden – Episode 36

Transforming Your Body and Life with Sheila Viers – Episode 38

Being Amazing and a Quivering Lump with Passion Catalyst Curt Rosengren – Episode 39

Family, Love and Wellness Revolution with Israel Smith – Episode 41

How Dying at 35 Was a Gift for Eliz Greene – Episode 42

Carpe the Hell Out of Your Diem with Wildheart Sally Hope – Episode 44

Shutting Up and Jumping into Fear with Serial Entrepreneur Peter Shankman – Episode 45

Why Serendipity is Real and Luck is Bull Shit – Episode 46

Finding the Answer in Your Own Message with Jessica Pettitt – Episode 47

Love More, Fear Less with #40DaysOfJoy Champ MeiMei Fox – Episode 48

Confessions of the First Female F-14 Fighter Pilot Carey Lohrenz – Episode 49

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