Hello 75 Episodes, Good Bye 2013 – Backstage with Berni & Phil – Episode 75

Can you believe it?! The SHUT UP Show is now 75 episodes old!

This backstage episode is a lot longer than our usual show length because we wanted to pack it with a big punch. In this discussion, Phil and I recap highlights from episodes 50 through 74, which astounds us to this day that we have been able to bring on so many amazing guests. We’re approaching 100 episodes easily in less than 3 months… and we couldn’t have done this without you! Thank YOU #ShutUpShow community for continuing to love and support us and the show.

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Watch the show (uncensored & unedited) 

SHUT UP Tips (Highlights from 50 through 74):

It’s okay to share some Shut Up Love –>

Every single moment is a huge decision. You can dwell on the past, think about the future or take action now. – Justin Sandy (click to tweet)

Being an adult is not about being perfect. It’s about unlearning all of those things and discovering the world. @juliarosien (click to tweet)

People want to give you a chance, I promise you. – @FrankieMeeink (click to tweet)

Being rich is not what’s in my mind. What we’d love to do is give something back. – @IanCleary (click to tweet)

You started the business for a reason. What is that reason? – @KFOM (click to tweet)

There’s one thing you don’t want in life and that’s regrets. – @IAmJoelBrown (click to tweet)

I didn’t understand the big world out there, I was the Jane Goodall in a forest of college students. @TheRyanMcRae (click to tweet)

My gift is my past. – @latticeworkwlth on @_TheSHUTUPShow (click to tweet)

It’s like God had a quota on failures and I ran up the quota rather quickly. – @RajSetty @_TheSHUTUPShow (click to tweet)

Beliefs are the gateway to your heart space. – @hduckworth on @_TheSHUTUPShow (click to tweet)

The only way out is by taking action. Nothing ever gets better by sitting on your ass. @AskVasavi @_TheSHUTUPShow (click to tweet)

I can’t build a legacy, my son can be proud of, by not being 100% me. @Freshrag on @_TheShutUpShow (click to tweet)

The more I share and speak my truth, the better results in life I get. – @Hrostoski on @_TheShutUpShow (click to tweet)

Feel the fear and do it anyways. @NathanHChan (click to tweet)

Here’s my opportunity. If I don’t take it, I’m gonna regret it when I’m 70 years old with no teeth. @julieedmonson (click to tweet)

Thank you to our guests from episodes 50 through 74:

Justin Sandy – Retired NFL Player Justin Sandy on Becoming a Titan in Your Life and Business – Episode 51

Julia Rosien – Julia Rosien on Unlearning Perfect and Discovering Your World – Episode 52

Frank Meeink – Recovering Skinhead Frank Meeink On Transforming Fear Through Empathy – Episode 54

Ian Cleary – Being Laser-Focused and RazorSocial with Ian Cleary – Episode 55

Kevin Ferrasci O’ Malley – Kevin Ferrasci O’Malley on Succeeding as a Small Business Owner – Episode 57

Joel Brown – Addicted to Success and Committed to Achieving with Joel Brown – Episode 58

Ryan McRae – Preventing Every Day Mediocrity with Ryan McRae – Episode 60

Will Nelson – Will Nelson on Embracing Your Past as a Gift – Episode 61

Raj Setty – It’s Just Math: Extracting Lessons from Failure with Rajesh Setty – Episode 64

Holly Duckworth – Around the Horn with Holly Duckworth: Going From Banking to Baseball to Heart-Centered Leadership – Episode 65

Vasavi Kumar – Keeping It Real and Finding Your Freedom In Action with Vasavi Kumar – Episode 67

Dave Conrey – Dave Conrey’s No BS Approach to Building Community and Getting Creatively Published – Episode 68

Mike Hrostoski – Mike Hrostoski Speaks the Truth About Love, Sex, and Entrepreneurship – Episode 70

Nathan Chan – Starting Small, But Starting at All with Nathan Chan – Episode 71

Julie Edmonson – Transitioning from Dream Job to Healthy Business with Julie Edmonson – Episode 73

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