Authentic or Annoying? – Episode 56

Today’s backstage episode was inspired by a Huffington Post article titled 7 Ways to Be Insufferable on Facebook. In a world where we are all content creators, thanks to the Interwebz, Phil and I felt this topic warranted a discussion. We are not suggesting there is a right or wrong way of sharing online. Our hope is to help our community better distinguish between being transparent, honest and authentic versus being annoying and over sharing.

[We were having issues with Google Hangouts On Air so today’s episode was recorded in Skype. We apologize for the few technical issues you’ll see and hear in the video.]


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Shut Up Tips:

The real key is to think about who the content is for. Are we writing to purge our soul? Are we writing to provide some context for a good lesson? Who are we sharing for? What are we trying to get from this? – Phil

Your Facebook profile page, as private as it seems, is still a public place because you’re sharing things in front of people. – Berni

Friends used to be someone who would take a bullet for you and now friends are people we have on social media, which is what blurs the line. – Phil

My message is much bigger than me and I know in the process of sharing it the people who are going through what I’m going through could learn from the story. – Berni

Understand it’s just data. Stop taking it personally. If you pour your heart out and you get no response, that’s okay. It’s okay to do it for you. It’s okay to do for your audience. But it’s not okay to expect your audience to have a response and get mad if they don’t. – Phil

The reason we’re annoyed by something is because we probably do it ourselves. The reason we think something is funny is because we think it’s funny–to me. – Phil

The only meaning data has is what we inject in it. – Phil

Don’t over share. Give it some meaning. Add more context. If you read your update like a robot and it sounds absurd or it can be twisted or perverted in any way, it can be over shared. – Phil

If people can pervert what Joel Osteen said, a freakin pastor, they can pervert what you say. – Phil

Let it go. If it feels right to you and you don’t get the reaction you want, you get a reaction, or you get no reaction, let it go. – Phil

What Say You?

What tips do you have for drawing the line between being authentic versus annoying online? We’d love your take… comment below.

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