Breaking Through Your Road Blocks – Episode 5

Let’s talk about fear baby… let’s talk about you and me…

Berni and Phil talk about times in their lives, past and present, when they’ve each been gripped with fear and had to “break through road blocks.” As you know, The Shut Up Show is recorded LIVE, unrehearsed, and delivered as raw and real talk. That’s the beauty of this show. So, pardon the technical issues. We know it can be annoying when you just want to get to the good stuff. No worries! We’ve highlighted a ton of golden nuggets for you below.

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Fun Facts:

  • Phil’s first book, 10 Ways to Make it Great, helped launch his speaking career and inspired his then-wife to ask for a divorce.
  • Berni soft launched a blog to benefit parent alienation awareness and in less than 2 weeks she was invited to join the charity’s social media committee because of the impact of her writing.

Defining Shut Up Moment:

Berni and Phil, ironically enough, both shared similar experiences about their book-writing processes. They both originally believed that success as authors meant meeting a book-writing due date. When, in fact, where fear really set in for them was feeling that their writing was not going to be good enough. This revealing conversation brings to light the importance of letting go of the technical stuff and simply making it about “having something meaningful to write about in service of helping others.”

Shut Up Tips:

This fear that we feel, is this coming from a place we can overcome or is it coming from a place where we don’t know who to listen to? – Phil

I veered off course, but I got back on. – Phil

You never get over fear, you just get better at handling fear. – Berni

Who cares that my writing was shit? Maybe it wasn’t time to publish yet. Am I a failure? No. I love taking perceived tragedies and finding a silver lining story in it to transform the situation. – Berni

Shit happens to all of us, it’s what you do with it that makes a difference. – Berni

You didn’t have enough lessons. You didn’t have enough story to finish the project in 6 months. – Phil

The sheer experience of not being able to publish my first book gave me more time to gain more content and context that will go in my next large body of work that is my manifesto. – Berni

Push, push, push. – Phil

All I know is I’ve got shit to say, I need to say this. That book that never finished is going in the manifesto because I finally have something to talk about that is worth sharing. – Berni

Not everything we write or want to say are we ready to own. It might not be ready for prime time yet. – Phil

Done is better than perfect. Whatever you’re working on. Push the damn button. Send. Publish. Print. Copy. Make. Go. Go! – Phil

Is the fear of sharing the deep, dark secret far greater pain than the regret of not standing up for yourself at all? – Berni

When you’re afraid to hit send, you’ve likely written your best work. – Srini Rao (via Berni)

I planted a few seeds. From those brave moves, I have now been given an opportunity to make a direct impact to benefit parent alienation awareness. – Berni

You spoke what was in your heart. Someone else said, “Wow, that touches me too. That is exactly what we need.” You can’t control that. So often we can’t. Had you kept your story inside, it would’ve continued to hurt you and grip you until you shared it. But only when you were ready to share it. – Phil

So often we let our fear twist our crap up and hurt us. When in fact the sooner we can release it, the sooner we can move on to the good stuff. – Phil

Take your medicine folks, work through the roadblocks. – Phil

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