Love in the Time of the Owner with Chris Brogan – Episode 25

Happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Today’s episode marks a very important milestone in Phil’s and my journey… we are now 25 episodes old! We couldn’t think of a more fitting guest than Phil’s brother-from-another-mother (Hi Diane!) and my long lost cousin (Hi #KTCO!), Chris Brogan.

Though Chris is well known for his savvy ways with social media tools, those who evangelize his work like Phil and I do know he is truly a prolific writer and teacher above anything else. This guy has been writing since before Al Gore invented the Internet and when blogging wasn’t even called blogging yet! He’s taught us about braving through clinical depression, learning to love the grind, telling bigger stories, building a platform of value, and how to improve your business.

In today’s episode, Chris tells us what scares him as he embarks on a major change and one of the most exciting shifts in his business.


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Fun Facts:

    • Chris is CEO & President of Human Business Works
    • Chris is the New York Times bestselling co-author of The Impact Equation
    • It took 8 years for Chris to get his first 100 subscribers
    • Chris is a sought-after professional keynote speaker
    • Chris co-founded PodCamp
    • Together with his lovely lady, Jacqueline Carly, Chris plays in a band called D3one3

Defining SHUT UP Moment:

One fear that drives me I share in common with Jay Leno. Jay is still to this day afraid he’s not gonna have enough money to live and support the people he loves. So he works really really hard at everything he does. Jerry Seinfeld called him out once on their video show very similar to yours, called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, he said “I think you still think one of these days you’re gonna be back at a restaurant somewhere having to push a broom as if that is really true.” Jay said, “More than you probably know.” That’s one fear, not being able to provide.

The other fear I have is, am I ever gonna shake this child actor label of “guy who is really into social media” because I’ve always felt like “guy who is into doing interesting stuff.” That pigeon hole is not really gonna be useful for my next project. I’m writing a new business magazine that’s going to really contend with the magazines you have at the news stands. I guess my fear is people will say “I don’t want to read about social media” and not want to pick it up.


I’m reading this book by George St. Pierre, The Way of the Fight. He talks about how great fear is. How fear is really useful. And people who try to blunt fear or pretend that they don’t feel fear or sadly maybe they don’t feel fear are missing a great opportunity and a great set of tools. – Chris

I was trying really hard to write and publish really depressing bad fiction that nobody wanted and so I learned I could just publish it myself on the web. Then I started getting readers and people starting liking it. But, it took me 8 years to get my first 100 subscribers. – Chris

People are really aligning their identity with the output they type into a keyboard or phone and I think that it’s gonna be a long while before people shred their identities up again into coleslaw and really pay more attention to what really matters to them. But in the interim, we all have to endure strange, weird social issues that didn’t exist before. I’ve just been checking out of that a lot more than I used to. – Chris

It takes a certain level of bravery to say “Look, this is madness. One of us has to stop.” Dr. Seuss covered this a long time ago–some of us have stars on our belly and some of us don’t–and we have to eventually realize the silliness. When we do, there’s such a great value waiting afterwards if we just connect genuinely and try to build out a relationship with people who care. – Chris

I might not be someone’s cup of tea. I talk about poop. – Chris

If you pay enough attention and give enough love to the community you have a pleasure to serve, when you turn that corner and try something new, a big chunk of them will come with. – Chris

There are people who are life long fans. To get there to have any longevity with a fan is to not have fans and instead have people you care about. I embrace community becuase if you love the people who give you their attention and you show them you’re paying attention as well, you’re going to get a lot better opportunities out of the ordeal. – Chris

Be helpful. It’s the same advice I’ve been giving well over a decade. Don’t ask ‘how can I help?’ because it’s the least helpful thing you can do. Show up and participate. – Chris

I’m the gateway drug and the prime drug. I’m the one someone gets the idea from and they stick around because when the next hit comes its gonna be good. – Chris

As we all evolve, improve, change, or pivot, hopefully we keep enough with us that who we are will continue to shine through. Customers that love us will love us regardless of what we do because it’s about being a human business working with other humans. – Phil

Chris Recommends:

George St. Pierre – The Way of the Fight

Chris is launching a new digital magazine, Owner, coming soon to an electronic shelf near you in September 2013!

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