Dave Conrey’s No BS Approach to Building Community and Getting Creatively Published – Episode 68

Today’s guest is fresh in the entrepreneurial scene having just lost his job 7 months ago. However, he is not new to the world of content creation. In just seven months, Dave Conrey has launched the Creative Business Podcast, evolved his blog into an online business offering programs and digital products to help creative entrepreneurs, self-published two digital books, and recently launched a FREE 3-part video series to help you self-publish your book. We love his no BS, straight-talk approach to doing genuine and good work and we know you will too.


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Fun Facts:

  • Dave is an artist and art director with many years experience working in print media.
  • Dave is a business and marketing coach and strategist.
  • Dave is the founder and chief writer at Freshrag.com.
  • Dave is the founder and host of Creative Business Podcast, the audio addition to Freshrag.com.
  • Dave is married to a smart and beautiful wife and adorable son in Long Beach, California.

Defining Shut Up Moment:

In May 2013, I got a pink slip. But I look back on that now and I think to myself, that was quite possibly the second most important day of my entire life—the first one being birth of my son. It really gave me this kick in the pants to say, “You’ve been asking for this for so long and now here’s your ticket.” I always say that you put it out there into the world and the universe will answer you in spades. Here you go, you got your ticket to ride, go ride it. It’s been a roller coaster since May, building my business, starting the podcast, building courses and helping creative individuals like me build businesses. Now I’m able to do it full-time.

Shut Up Tips:

Everybody said stop worrying about the details or getting it just right—because you’re making excuses—just put it out there. If you’re getting it wrong, then you get it wrong. Nobody really cares that much, you just move on. – Dave

The funny thing about stepping outside your comfort circle and stepping past fear is that the scariest time is the first time. And the next time you do, it’s a little less scary. – Dave

Each time you fight fear, it becomes easier every time you get out there. – Dave

The more I do things for people out of genuine kindness, it just comes back. Being a leader [for my community] is by being as authentic and genuine as much as I possibly can. – Dave

People don’t inherently get that giving is a gift. There’s no metric to doing good. – Phil

I think that’s a huge fear we all have as content creators, “What if I’m not relevant anymore?” – Berni

Just keep plugging away and doing it with my flavor, that’s really what it comes down to. – Dave

If the only “why” I have right now is building a legacy my son can be proud of, I can’t build that legacy by not being 100% me. That’s what I’m striving for. – Dave

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