Defining Your Shut Up Moment

Have you ever had a time when you had a really tough decision to make, and someone close to you told you you couldn’t do it? Maybe that someone was someone close to you, like a spouse, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a teacher, or someone else you trusted.  Or maybe that someone was you!

What did you do? Did you push through it – and defy those voices of “reason?” Or did you listen to them – and stop chasing your dreams?

That’s your shut up moment. We’ve had them too – don’t worry. Berni and Phil are the first to tell you there have been PLENTY of shut up moments in our lives. Heck, there still ARE plenty of shut up moments.

EVERYONE has shut up moments.

Sometimes you need to throw caution to the wind and keep chasing your passions, your dreams, and just make it happen. It is these shut up moments that make us who we are.

Can you define your shut up moment? Will you share it with us? When you’re ready to share it – we’re ready to listen to it. Just leave a comment below and we’ll reply to you and get the conversation rolling.