Amazing Things Will Happen on the Other Side of Fear with C.C. Chapman

In this episode of The Shut Up Show I brought on one of my newest misfit friends whom I’ve been following for years and finally met in person at MisfitCon in Fargo the other month. You may recognize C.C. Chapman if you’ve sat in the audience for his keynote speech, read the best-selling book he co-authored called Content Rules, or marveled at his photography in Misfit Journal. But today we’re not talking about marketing strategy or how to create content. I brought C.C. on the show to talk about something he shared at MisfitCon, which matters even more to this community–being scared of not knowing where the next paycheck will come from.

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 Some days are harder than others. We all get kicked down. Whoever tells you they don’t is lying. – @cc_chapman #shutupshow (click to tweet)


My lifelong goal was to write a book. It took years of hard work and speaking a lot before I even authored my first book.

You’ve got to keep pushing. We all start at the same exact spot. Some days are harder than others. We all get kicked down. Whoever tells you they don’t is lying.

I’m petrified of where my next paycheck will come from. I suck at selling myself. If I can’t take care of things at home, I can’t take care of other people. That keeps me awake and scared every single day. If you ever see a whirlwind of content out of me, it probably means I’m more scared than usual because I’m distracting myself. It’s a coping mechanism but it’s doing good as well because when you create, people notice your stuff.

We live in this day and age a lot of people create for the audience and not for themselves. If it’s not right for me, it ain’t gonna be right for anyone else. I want to be happy with what I create and share because if I’m not happy, why the hell do it? Life’s too short to spend in front of the computer. 


I’m trying to build community and make the world a better place every day. – @cc_chapman

Every day, I want to be able to tell my kids what I’m doing and be proud of it. – @cc_chapman

I keep telling myself it’s going to work. It has worked out. But it doesn’t get better. It doesn’t get easier. – @cc_chapman

You can’t take awhile my smile. – @cc_chapman

My dad always said there’s always somebody worse off than you. – @cc_chapman

Get out of your head. It’s a dark and scary place. Just get out of it. – @cc_chapman

Once you’ve done Shakespeare on stage with a donkey head on and your Italian grandmother is laughing her ass off three rows back, you can do anything. – @cc_chapman


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