Transformation Expert Honoree Corder on Being Authentically Attractive

It still boggles my mind that today’s guest did not consider herself an author or writer until publishing book six of her collection of 12. I was so excited to chat with Honoree Corder, who was kindly referred by our friend and former guest Andrea Waltz (who taught us how to say NO!).  Honoree is an executive coach, entrepreneur, author and mom who I had the complete pleasure to talk to about navigating through the mindset challenges of feeling good enough to wear all these hats. This episode is packed with a lot of practical advice to help you strengthen your confidence and hone your voice, especially when you’re feeling doubtful and hopeless that you have what it takes to succeed.

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I chose to listen to someone else’s voice until my voice was strong enough. @Honoree #shutupshow (click to tweet)


If you really want to be an entrepreneur but you stayed in the safety of your position because of your fear, eventually someone is going to fire you. And it’s going to force you into where you want to be. Do it of your own volition. Or, volition is going to step in and whoop on you. – @Honoree

Authenticity is so attractive. – @Honoree

Be unapologetic for who you are–not only for everyone else–but mostly for yourself.  – @Honoree

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. We’re all dealing with something.  – @Honoree

You’re not going to be fully awesome all the time either and that’s okay.  – @Honoree

We see ourselves in other people and we see their humanity and that allows us to embrace our humanity.  – @Honoree

Love and hate are twin sisters. That’s why people who love each other fight.  – @Honoree

Success is not important. Money is not important. At the end of the day, it’s about the people closest to you. Do they think you’re awesome? – @Honoree

Go hug your kid. Ask them what they need. – @Honoree

I don’t want to give her that gift of self-doubt or inherit the glitch in my software that I have. So everyday I am trying to feed her with self-confidence and help her to see she’s amazing and she doesn’t need someone to tell her that. – @Honoree

I’m not about good, bad or wrong. I’m about being effective. I’m not transactional. I’m a relational person. – @Honoree


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