Craig McBreen on the Art of Breaking Out and Reigniting Your Life

Today’s featured guest, Craig McBreen, talks to us about the art of breaking out. How he moved from a 3,500 sq. ft. home to a 1000, sq. ft. apartment–by choice–to escape the shackles of homeownership and reignite his life as a middle-aged, location-independent traveling vagabond. If you think you’re too old to shut up and make shit happen, this episode is especially for you.

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I don’t care if you’re 35 or 65. If you want to change, there’s no better time than now. – @CraigMcBreen @_TheShutUpShow (click to tweet)


  • Craig has over 25 years of experience in branding, marketing and design.
  • He is an introvert, misfit, and loner.
  • He is the founder and host of the Art of Breaking Out blog and podcast.
  • He lives with his wife and children in Seattle, Washington (one of my favorite cities on earth!)


Craig was an only child, overweight, and teased in school. Growing up, he didn’t know how to socialize. It was then he realized he was a natural introvert. Recently, after witnessing a family member go through a very dark, challenging time, Craig was brought back to his youth. Confronting depression and introversion once again, Craig and his wife decided to downsize their lifestyles and become middle-aged traveling vagabonds.


If you’re going to do something, it’s never going to be easy. – @CraigMcBreen

I used to be all over the place but now I’m learning how to get past fear and be more productive. – @CraigMcBreen

By nature, I’ve always been too cautious. Selling my home and moving into an apartment was the first time I did anything that seemed like it was impulsive. – @CraigMcBreen

My wife and I haven’t done a whole lot. We wanted to travel and have a location-independent life. It can’t only be for the 20-somethings. – @CraigMcBreen

I don’t want to be later in life going why didn’t I do this? – @CraigMcBreen

You can always find an excuse, the origin is usually fear. – @CraigMcBreen

I actually do want to help people. If it translates to business, fine. – @CraigMcBreen

when i was a kid i liked writing but never got into it, three years ago when i started blogging it became a morning ritual

I don’t care if you’re 35 or 65. If you want to change, there’s no better time than now. Put the wheels in motion.

I’d be completely lying if I said I wasn’t scared every single moment of this change; I’m slightly terrified, but it’s a good feeling because my fear is energizing me. – @CraigMcBreen

The more you put on your plate, the more comfortable you become with every single situation. – @CraigMcBreen

When I’m feeling stuck, I get into more creative activities throughout the day: combining average Joe yoga with meditation. – @CraigMcBreen


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