Focus On the Joy of Defeat, Not the End Goal – Episode 74

In today’s episode, we discuss why most of us wait until December to regain our focus. More importantly, we reinforce a message we’ve both learned right here on our show more than once that coincides with the reason we often lose focus throughout the calendar year.


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Shut Up Tips:

As we get closer to the deadline, we lose focus because we run around like chickens with heads cut off. – Phil

Focus sometimes happens when the calendar resets because we think we had all this time to meet our deadlines. – Phil

What would you do if you knew you only have 30 days to live? Damn it, why don’t you run your business like that every single day instead of waiting for a BS deadline? – Phil

If I die tomorrow, did I live with as little regret as possible towards the end of my life? Did I contribute as much as I wanted to? – Berni

We are choosing to focus on more immediate gratification. I think that’s why we use the end of the calendar year as our scoreboard instead of breaking down our big picture goal into small manageable tasks throughout the year. – Berni

If we get early success, we coast. – Phil

Spend time with people who teach you how to get rejected. – Phil

Instead of the pleasure of success, instead of the agony of defeat, focus on the joy of defeat. And relish on the opportunity to get a “no” because it means we are one step closer to the “yes” we seek. – Phil

The scoreboard starts now, we do not have to wait. – Phil

Let’s go for the ask, let’s go for the no. – Berni

Shut up and go for no, baby! – Phil

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Why do you think we wait until the end of the calendar year to get our focus back?

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Photo credit: Bruce Guenter