From Shut Up to Show Up – Our 6-Month Review – Episode 43

With The SHUT UP Show nearing its 6-month birthday, Phil and I decided to talk about the things we’ve learned about ourselves, each other and our businesses since launching the show in April. It’s hard to follow our previous backstage episode that went viral last week. However, you’ll equally enjoy how transparent this conversation is. We share our lessons learned, action steps we’re taking to get the show to the next level, and strategy for evolving this platform as we bring on our first sponsor and launch the podcast at the end of the October.


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Defining Shut Up Moment:


Technical difficulties: Be in a stable spot and make sure your technical stuff works before you hit go. I hardwire my computer with an ethernet cable. I carry a Verizon Jetpack MiFi as a backup when I travel. – Phil

Seeing yourself on camera: I’m getting better at watching the playback of the episodes so I will commit to writing some blog posts by the end of the year. – Phil

Asking questions: When I feel the urge to ask the question, ask it or write it down and ask it later. If I’m curious about that question, the audience is probably thinking about it too. – Berni

Improving stage presence: When I’m watching the playback of episodes, I’m trying to be less critical of how I look and more focused on asking better questions or helping to get the point across more clearly. – Berni


Podcast Launch: End of October we are launching the audio version of The SHUT UP Show via podcast.

More variety in posts and writing contribution: Phil will start writing some of the blog posts by the end of the year.

Realness and vulnerability: Continuing to be real. The opposite of real is not fake. The opposite of real is holding back.

Delegating and getting help: We talk to people all the time and learned that fear and love are the two emotions in constant tension. The things that resonate with us resonate most with our viewers. We don’t know everything and we shouldn’t be doing everything. Ask for help more.

Being systematic and organized: We are very happy with the way everything is going and we will continue to create systems, have organization and be methodical about it as we bring on people to help us.

Shut Up Tips:

Through the eyes of the child is how we best learn. – Phil

Improvise went shit goes down. We have to be at peace with the change. – Phil

Talking about anything makes it less scary. When you shine the light on a cockroach it runs away. – Phil

The two words you learn at improv is “Yes and,” not “No, but.” – Phil

Knowing that I don’t wanna be seen as the big fat slob on the screen means that tomorrow morning I’m going to get my butt out of bed and go to the gym. – Phil

I have a choice. I can fix that. And here’s how. – Phil

It’s not “don’t laugh because you’re gonna look funny.” It’s “laugh because it is funny.” – Berni

The realness of the conversation matters. – Phil

People do business with you first and your business second. – Phil

Be confident that you are of value and then that you can deliver value. The one thing that pushes you up or brings you down is self-belief. – Phil

Let’s just be real and let our authentic voice come out. Don’t worry about whether we look or sound like other people. We don’t want to any way. – Berni

The reason people watch this show is becaue I’m me and you’re you. – Phil

People think I’m incredibly open. It’s not that I’m shut but I’m not ripped gaping wide open. I am probably 80% more open than most people but there’s more. – Phil

When I feel sad, I stay by myself. I’m not captain reach out. – Phil

Talking about anything makes it less scary. When you shine the light on a cockroach it runs away. – Phil

The more helpful you are, the more you can serve your community, the better you can be. – Phil

Our guests often get to be that lightning rod. Throught their stories we get better. – Phil

We all have stories. We’re going to draw conclusions, but only after we draw out stories first. Not before. – Phil


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