Let Go of Your Baggage & Put Your Priorities Where Your Mouth Is – Episode 17

Though I absolutely love chatting with my solopreneur friends when we’re on top of our game, there’s nothing more humbling to me than being there for each other during the unglamorous moments in our lives and businesses. With Phil getting sick after moving into a new home and me coincidentally catching a cold after decluttering the same weekend, we knew this was the perfect time to record a backstage episode.

Watch and listen as Phil and I have a raw conversation about how to move through major change and transition, especially when you’re not feeling your best.


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Fun Facts:

  • Phil has 80 PAIRS of shoes!
  • Berni has moved more than 7 times in the past five years.

Defining Shut Up Moment:

Phil and Berni were both poor growing up so they shared a similar mentality that collecting and holding on to things would lead to a more abundant life. As they both accumulated more things, they created more baggage. With the baggage came a lot of emotional attachment to things that held them back. In downsizing over the years, they’ve learned the key to taking care of the baggage is opening it up, dealing with it, and getting it out of your life to create space for things that really matter.

Shut Up Tips:

If we started taking inventory of our lives the way we do with a move, we could take care of things and cut out the clutter. Instead, we wait for big changes to occur before we take any action. If we took baby steps, it wouldn’t overwhelm us every time. -Berni

We pick apart what needs to be accomplished and make it bigger than it needs to be. If we break it down into small manageable steps, it becomes less daunting and less overwhelming. – Berni

To get the stuff we want, sometimes we have to clean out space in our lives for them. Letting go, moving out, getting rid of stuff, moving on. – Phil

What’s that ice cream you want in your business? What do you have to put in your garbage in order to make room for that ice cream? – Phil

By downsizing, I chipped away the old me who was chasing someone else’s dream. And I became the more authentic me. To know now that this is what I was waiting for to happen, I get excited now to downsize. I don’t hold attachments to things anymore because shiny objects don’t fulfill me anymore. – Berni

Like fear, we’re not on this show to tell entrepreneurs to remove fear. It’s BS if you think you can eliminate it. Fear is here to stay, but we have to get better at handling it. – Berni

Fear still exists, but now you realize on the other side it gets better. – Phil 

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Photo credit: Sarah Steenland