Getting to the Other Side of Anxiety with Linda Esposito – Episode 80

Today’s episode we talk to Linda Esposito, Anxiety Saboteur of Talk Therapy Biz. Linda and I met in the Fizzle forum (a community of honest online business builders) the other month and we’ve since sparked a great new friendship. Apparently she stumbled upon my “life coach post shared round the world” and when she reached out to befriend me, she had me at “F*ckin’ love that life coach post!”

We brought Linda on the show because we realize the world of entrepreneurship is full of fear and anxiety and we wanted someone to give us an informed look inside our mental health. Linda packs this episode with her quick and dirty truisms to mental health and helps us to choose self-awareness, action and gratitude when you’re flying by the seat of your pants and don’t know what the heck to do.

[FYI: We had some minor video issues in this episode, we apologize in advance.]


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Fun Facts:

  • Linda is an Anxiety Saboteur who loves helping people resolve their emotional issues.
  • She is a therapist in Los Angeles, CA for the past 13 years.
  • She holds a masters degree in social work, and is licensed to practice psychotherapy in California (LCSW).
  • Linda specializes in anxiety issues (generalized, social, and panic), and parenting support teenagers.
  • She lives in the Pasadena, CA area with her beautiful 12-year-old son and dogs Ca$h (the most ungrateful dog on the planet) and Bullet! (a rescued Siberian Husky).
  • Linda is a fellow Fizzler.

Defining Shut Up Moment:

I overcame anxiety in my own life.  What helped me to become a less anxious person was something we were taught in therapy school. We were taught the world is basically a safe place where most people possess good will. When we’re stressed out, anxious and fearful, the old childhood patterns kick in and immediately those unhealthy tendencies cause us to shut down or go into attack mode. In that moment, we can realize, “I have a choice in this.” And by choice I mean you are choosing anxiety, nervousness and distraction over something else.

Shut Up Tips:

Anxiety is largely a choice. – Linda

What you really have control over is your thoughts and your reaction to your thoughts. In a matter of seconds, you can go either way with your thoughts. – Linda

Whatever your pursuit is in life, things are going to work out if you are moving forward, self-aware, projecting kindness and gratitude. You take the bad days in stride and try to lead a purposeful meaning in life. – Linda

We all have these childhood templates–these scripts we carry with us–and they’re largely unconscious. A lot of times we’re playing to an audience of mom or dad or family members. We don’t even realize it because the thoughts are so automatic. They’re so rooted in our unconscious. – Linda

For the most part, people really don’t care what you do. Nobody gives a shit at the end of the day because we’re all wrapped up with what’s going on in our own lives. – Linda

Every bit of hard work can open up the door to another opportunity. – Linda

Fear is a state of mind and fear is a choice. – Linda

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