Going All In Your Business with Courage Curator Lisa Fabrega – Episode 105

Another shout out to our former guest and friend, Vasavi Kumar, who brought us another amazing guest. Today’s episode features an inspiring conversation I had with Lisa Fabrega whose mission is to take entrepreneurs from fear and overwhelm to igniting the powerful leader within them. After watching this episode, prepare to get through your stuckness and be moved to go all in your business and take it to the next level.

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Your brain doesn’t know how to tell the difference between not breathing or that you’re actually dying. – @LisaFabrega #shutupshow (click to tweet)

Fun Facts:

  • Lisa Fabrega is a truth-telling coach, writer and innovator in the realm of leadership.
  • Lisa can speak 3-1/2 languages.
  • Lisa loves to love people and yet requires intense periods of introverted incubation.
  • Lisa’s requirement is to visit a waterfall at least two times per year.
  • Lisa taught her two Panamanian yellow head parrots to sing opera.
  • Lisa is a trained actor who can mimic virtually any accent.

Defining SHUT UP Moment:

I’ve been in business for over four years. The day I decided to attend coaching school was the day I also decided to start my own business. I had originally gone to grad school to be an actor. I lived in New York city and getting a job as a an actor wasn’t covering my bills. I was working day jobs in the finance world but it was not in alignment with me. It was draining my soul slowly. I needed to be doing something impacting people with my gifts.

I was thousands of dollars in debt after I had been laid off from my finance job and transitioning into temp job. A friend told me I should get into coaching and how it would give me flexibility in my life and schedule. There was a caveat. Coaching school was an investment of about $10,000. While I was visiting family in Florida during that time, my father who was a businessman and entrepreneur himself and I were talking. I cried and said to my dad, “What if I screw this up? What if I don’t get any clients? What if it doesn’t work and I end up $10,000 in the whole than I already am?” My dad said, “Everything is a risk and you have to take risks in life. I believe you can do it. I believe you can create a successful business.” I made the call that day and from then on fear drove me a little bit because I knew I had to make it work. I decided to go all in.


If I don’t go for it, what does my life look like in 5 years or 10 years? – Lisa Fabrega

Money fears are really safety fears in my opinion. – Lisa Fabrega

Breathe. Your brain doesn’t know how to tell the difference between not breathing or that you’re actually dying. – Lisa Fabrega

Ask for support. Having a group of people going through what you’re going through around you is so crucial. – Lisa Fabrega

Tell one person every day what you’re doing. People will refer you and connect you to other people. – Lisa Fabrega

I’m here to serve on a large scale. When I take the focus off me and on the people I serve, I go all in. – Lisa Fabrega

If I don’t change things, what’s the cost of not changing? My health. If I can’t take care of myself I can’t serve people. – Lisa Fabrega

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