Standing Out Online & Hustling Your Face Off with Mars Dorian – Episode 27

Our featured guest today wins for being the most enthusiastic and charismatic person we’ve ever had on The SHUT UP Show. Phil and I got nothin’ on our friend Mars Dorian. With such an appropriate name, Mars radiated in our conversation as he shared awesome business wisdom and visual storytelling tips on building a STAND OUT brand. We agree with Srini Rao of BlogcastFM, Mars is absolutely the most unmistakable artist as you’ll witness in today’s episode.

If you’re building an online business and struggling to stand out and get the attention you deserve, you definitely do not want to miss this episode:


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Fun Facts:

    • Mars is The SHUT UP Show’s #1 friend! He has watched every single episode to-date!
    • Mars’ life motto: When you’re not trying to fit in, you’re free to stand out.
    • Mars is an Outstander Coach and visual storyteller for freelancers, bloggers, solopreneurs and creative small biznass owners that use the web as their main marketing platform
    • Mars’ work has been endorsed by top influencers including Chris Brogan, Julien Smith, Srini Rao, and Corbett Barr
    • Mars was born an only child to an artist in Berlin, Germany
    • Mars has traveled the globe and picked up a few languages along the journey

Defining SHUT UP Moment:

It’s like yesterday I’m king of the world. The next week I don’t get any traction. My fear is not providing value so no one wants to hire you. That you will reach a point you’re not up-to-date anymore and no one will need your services. People will just ignore you and you won’t have the income. Then you will think about the 9-5. It’s getting less and less that way every month. Because the harder I work, the more I carve myself into this niche. The better I work at my skills, the bigger my network grows and the better it is. Fear is a useful tool. I wish I will never leave it and I hope it stays with me for the rest of my life. It keeps me sharp, it will never make me complacent. It will make me work every single day even when I relax. Always knowing the future is not secure… be ready for it, hustle your face off.


People say you only need passion to be an artist. The core of how I create art is fear. – Mars

I combine what I love where there’s a need. – Mars

I call it being creatively selfish where you really look at yourself fand say this is what I am and I cannot change those things so let me find a way to make it valuable for someone else. – Mars

The more barriers you creatively break in your mind, you pretty much overcome the fear and your own mediocrity. – Mars

A constant desire to fit in and not stand out really destroys your ability to be successful nowadays. – Mars

It’s really about getting you in the mindset of focusing on everything that makes you a naked person in the sky. Everybody wants to look at you and talk about you. They want to share the story of you, which is all word of mouth. – Mars

Stop making excuses. Stop blaming external sources around you. You have the ability within you and the resources all around you to help you get what you need to be successful. You just have to go out there and get it. – Berni

I always thought it was laziness until the day I realized that laziness is a mild form of fear. Because lazy means you put something off you should do now because you think it’s going to give you short-term pain or you’re going to feel uncomfortable. What is fear? Fear is the anticipation of pain. – Mars

Don’t be traditionally lazy. Work your butt off. Find your niche. Take radical responsibility for yourself and surround yourself with good people, not crying babies. – Phil

Keep the fear there. That’s what keeps you hungry and hustling your ass off. – Mars (via Berni)

Fear is a compass. Some people say they want to be fearless. No you don’t. It’s so boring. Excitement is a mild form of fear. If you have that, you’re alive and you’re doing things you’re supposed be. You’re not supposed to stretch your butt muscles. You’re supposed to get the whole body moving. – Mars

Mars Recommends:

Outstander: The “Stand Out Online” Guide is a 104 page PDF how-to guide, blasted with over 60 hand-crafted colorful illustrations, designed to help Y-O-U build a compelling online presence.

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