From Mediocre to Millions with The Small Business Guru Melody Campbell – Episode 30

After a nasty divorce left her with no “oomph” and extremely broken-hearted, Melody Campbell learned how to pick up the broken pieces of her life to rebuild her confidence and a flailing million dollar business. It was far from an overnight success. In fact, Melody confesses in this episode that she barely survived for 8 years.

Today, Melody runs a very successful business as the “The Small Business Guru” helping small business owners go from mediocre to millions in 12 months. In this episode, you’ll learn how Melody turned post-traumatic-STRESS-syndrome into post-traumatic-GROWTH-syndrome and came out stronger on the other side.


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Fun Facts:

  • Business Transformation Specialist helping small businesses go from mediocre to a million dollars in 12 months
  • Built a million dollar business selling promotional products to customers that include 5 of the largest casinos
  • Hosts Get More Business Show interviewing guest experts specializing in strategies in business building for small business owners and independent retailers

Defining SHUT UP Moment:

We have these things that happen to us in our emotions. It can be all sort of things. Some kind of a setback that impacts us to the core of who we are. What I realized: it’s a fact of life. Relax and let it happen. Tell yourself, I’m not camping here. It happened. It’s over. I came to this conclusion all by myself and started feeding and guarding my mind. Fast forward to today, I have kept negativity out of my life and fed all this rich organic, natural, mental and emotional nourishment to myself. That’s the best investment I’ve made. All this time of struggling and then all of a sudden something is emerging and doors are opening. People are coming to me.

I have a confession. I’m still afraid of some of the same things. Call reluctance. What if they say no? What I do now is focus on the joy set before me. I focus on my mission. My mission is to help customers keep more of their own money. I empower them to control their own revenue source and really be independent and able to generate revenue without fear. I remind myself of my mission and it inspires me beyond fear. 


I don’t want to hear what happened 30 years ago, I wanna know what happened yesterday. – Melody

I am finally this powerhouse of my mind and what’s starting to emerge is this inner giant. – Melody

Fear is awesome, it can propel you. The wind that pushes you when you’re sailing is the same as the wind that pushes you forward. – Melody

First thing is to stop wallowing in your story. Take your thoughts out of where you were or could have been, and shift your gaze forward and dream. If you don’t fill your mind with something else, you’re gonna end up right back in the mud puddle. – Melody

Get out of the scarcity mindset and realize there are endless possibilities. Put your mind in the right place and then actually take action to manifest that. – Berni

When you go through something like this, it helps you to become a little less self-centered. Because I could identify the pain I felt in my life with pain I felt in other people’s lives. – Melody

I used to recognize the feedback I got from the customer as resistance and now I recognize it as fear. Now I know what I need to do to make my customer comfortable. – Melody

My strength of voice is really not my own… it’s when my voice starts to join with people I connect to and there’s harmony. That’s where the strength comes from. – Melody

Focusing on the bigger mission helps you get past those fears. – Phil

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