Michelle Colon-Johnson Tells Us How to Never Give Up On Our Dreams – Episode 78

Today’s guest I am deeply honored to introduce as one of my favorite new friends in 2013. Michelle Colon-Johnson has made her dreams come true and earns a living helping authors and speakers make their dreams come true. Quite an enchanting life today but it didn’t come without a lot of hard work and life-threatening challenges to overcome.

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Fun Facts:

  • Michelle Colon-Johnson is a Motivational Speaker and a Publicist.
  • Michelle is known as “The Dream Connector” by her friends and fans because she loves connecting people to other people or resources that will lead them in the direction of living their dreams.
  • Michelle is a Mother to an Autistic Daughter, a five-time stage four cancer survivor, and like many of us has been through circumstances and relationships that leave us emotionally bankrupt.
  • Michelle started 2 Dream Productions, Inc. in 2010, which is a publicist company specializing in working with authors and speakers to get more publicity to sell their books and products.
  • Michelle currently lives in the Florida panhandle and travels the globe inspiring and encouraging others to “Never Give Up On Their Dreams.”

Defining Shut Up Moment:

ON FINDING A BUSINESS YOU LOVE: I was a manager of the outside sales program at AT&T before I got into what I’m doing now. Then I got sick with stage 4 cancer and took off 10 years from work. When I returned to apply for jobs, I knew in that moment I had to either work for someone else or decide what I wanted to do since I had the entrepreneurial bug in me. I started working at different businesses. I would buy a business, create a business, flip them, sell them and find my next venture until I could find my happy spot.

ON LETTING GO OF FEAR TO FIND SUCCESS: I literally woke up one day and I was a book publicist. A publisher called me and asked me to do a project with them knowing I had experience getting into the media because of my modeling background. They asked me how much that would cost, I threw out a crazy number and they accepted. Through that contract, I grew my business to promote 15 more authors. When my contract was coming to an end, I struggled for one day only to make a choice to not continue the contract. The second day, I was able to make up the money I thought in my head I was going to lose. But you have to let go of that fear in order to make it to the next level.

Shut Up Tips:

Modeling led me to personal development because I got to meet Paul Martinelli. – Michelle

Who we are today is not who we are going to be tomorrow or the next day. – Michelle

It’s hard to say “I’m going to do this and I’m going to do it no matter what the consequences are,” because I still say to myself at times “Oh my gosh, what am I doing?” – Michelle

If you can believe in something that’s greater than yourself, then that gives you a choice to believe in yourself. If there’s something greater, you can at least get to a higher level. – Michelle

Let go and let be and realize it really isn’t that bad. – Phil

Continue to be authentic and face your fears. That’s how we can grow. – Michelle

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Photo credit: Trista Blouin