We Can’t Shut Up, We Won’t Shut Up – 2013 in Review – Episode 77

So la da di da di, we like to “shut up.” Dancing with Phil and Berni. Doing whatever we want. This is our house. This is our rules. And we can’t “shut up.” And we won’t “shut up.”

Sorry… I just had to do that since Phil’s #Twerking was the highlight of 2013.

As we close out the year and start anew, what are you excited for in 2014? What went well or not so well in 2013? How will you take those lessons into the new year to propel you forward? Check out today’s backstage episode as Phil and I share what we both look forward to for our lives, businesses and this show in 2014.


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Shut Up Tips:

I don’t look back, I look forward and to what’s next. – Phil

Celebration is important because if we don’t, we never feel complete. – Phil

I’m an awesome starter and I suck sometimes at finishing. This year, I built in a lot of accountability. – Phil

At this point I do feel like it’s 99.9% business. That scares me because I fear neglecting people and things that truly matter to me because I’m so focused on being an entrepreneur. – Berni

I’m a simple, average gal from Wisconsin who thought, “Hey, you know what? There’s this opportunity to help people less fortunate than me, why not?” – Berni

We think we have it bad at times. And then we take a look at what’s going on in the greater world around us and realize it’s really not that bad after all. So now, what can I do to help and serve other people? – Berni

If you take an action and you impact anybody else, you’re exceptional. You’re not average. – Phil

Think beyond yourself and stop being average. Average people sit on their ass and complain about how much the world sucks. Instead, step up and make a difference. – Phil

Take that can of awesome and move forward. Pour it all over yourself and celebrate. And then say I can do it again. – Phil

Our goal with The SHUT UP Show is to make a difference in the lives of smart entrepreneurs and small business owners. To let them know they’re not alone. – Phil

Berni & Phil Recommend:

Phil has hit a 50 lb. weight loss milestone this year and has set an intention to shrink to 225 by July 1, 2014. Staring on Janauary 6th, Phil is offering up the opportunity for newsletter subscribers to join him in various 21-Day Challenges. Who’s in?

Phil’s 2 favorite books in 2013: Instant Influence by Michael Pantelon; The One Thing by Gary Keller.

If you’re sick of new year’s resolutions and need help framing your new year with a theme instead, check out Berni’s blog post and Phil’s video blog discussing how we came up with our 3 word themes.

Huge shout outs and honorable mentions in this episode:

AJ and Melissa Leon for accepting me as one of the 30 Good Misfits who helped bring a windmill to the Kenyan village of Gambella.

Tyson Adams of liveGLOCAL for involving me in the strategizing and crowdfunding efforts that helped build Jhai Coffeehouse, the world’s first philanthropic coffee roaster in my parents’ home country of Laos.

Catherine Morgan for whipping Phil’s behind into shape as his awesome accountability coach.

Diego Hijano, Sarah Steenland, Dawn Casey-Rowe, and Melissa Whidjaya and Selz for the wonderful holiday love you sent Phil and me in December!

And thank all of you for showing up every week to shut up with us… here’s to another amazing year!