How to Be Whole-Assed & Awesome at Online Business Like Paul Jarvis – Episode 23

August 19, 2013

If you’re Srini of BlogcastFM, we owe ya 5 bucks (how ’bout a hard beverage next time we see you?) for helping us book this guest in record time. For everyone else, this episode packs thousands of more value than that after you hear what Paul Jarvis shared with Phil and me in our chat.

A few days ago I tweeted Paul “I want to punch you in the gut, you’re so awesome” because I recently stumbled upon a new song by his band (written with and sung by his lovely wife) that completely blew me away after I’ve already been a loyal subscriber of his entire catalog. After you watch this episode, you’ll share similar endearing sentiments because he is just that awesome at helping you understand how to be a “whole-assed” kind of person and also a great guy.


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Fun Facts:

    • Paul has run a successful business for 15 years providing strategy, design and website development for Fortune 500 companies, best-selling authors and the world’s biggest entrepreneurs.
    • Paul has collaborated with Danielle LaPorte, Marie Forleo, Kris Carr, Dyana Valentine, Justine Musk, Alexandra Franzen and lots of other bad-asses.
    • Paul and his wife Lisa are the master minds and artists behind Mojave, a Canadian acoustic and folk band with a deep commitment to the environment.
    • Paul is the author of Be Awesome at Online Business (I own it and it’s pretty awesome to say the least) and Eat Awesome.

Defining SHUT UP Moment:

I’m afraid of everything. I deal with fear because I would be curled up in the corner if I didn’t. Being afraid and doing things don’t have to be mutually exclusive. You can still be afraid and do shit. I play music as well. I’ve done a gazillion shows. Yet, I still feel afraid before I go on stage. The fear doesn’t go away because you do things more or because you’re successful.

You just learn how to deal with fear better. Fear is universal, but moving past it can also be universal. Be afraid and acknowledge “Fuck, I’m afraid and I’m gonna do it anyways.” Fear has the power you let it have over you.


So many people say “I’ll do this when I have that.” – Phil

I do as I say I’m going to do. Consistently deliver as promise. I’m not going to be the jack of all trades I’m going to be a master of that thing I want to be so good at. – Berni

The only differentiating factor I’ve had in 15 years is that I deliver. If you hire me to do a project, I do it. I give it to you and I launch it. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of people in design and every industry that over promise and under deliver. I under promise and over deliver. – Paul

We live in a society where we take a 10-hour course one day and the next day offer Skype sessions for $200 on our website. Pay your fuckin’ dues. I think people need to put in the time to learn their craft and create value for the audience they want to serve. – Paul

Like with any entrepreneur when you don’t have money you or experience, but you have time, you go learn. You get really resourceful and you figure it out. – Berni

I’d hate to be afraid of something and not do it. Then, later be like shit, I should’ve done that. It’s too bad I was a fraidy-cat.  – Paul

Fear of regret or missing out, that’s a big thing. I’ve seen folks get so locked up in that… they don’t do anything rather than experiencing what they can or moving forward in it. – Phil

If I’m afraid people aren’t going to like my book, it constipates my writing. The more present you are, the more easy it is to move past fear.  – Paul

Don’t constpitate. Put it out there and let it drip a little bit. It’s about the process and being on the journey. – Phil

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Quotes James Victore’s talk on fear and creativity: What do you want your tombstone to say? “Here lies so-and-so: Paid his rent.”

Stay tuned for Paul’s upcoming book tentatively titled Everything I Know. It’s about creativity, fear and choosing your own path to adventure in the work that you do.

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