Phil Gerbyshak on Putting Your Customer in the Center – SOBCon Edition – Episode 3

If you haven’t yet heard me refer to Phil as “The Kevin Bacon of the Social Mediasphere,” you’ll understand why after watching this episode where Phil recaps his experience at SOBCon Chicago in May 2013. SOBCon is a 2-day interactive business “think tank” that moves ideas to action. The theme for Chicago 2013 focused on “The Customer Centered Business” where attendees masterminded about strategies that engage customers and grow their businesses.

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Fun Facts:

  • Phil was the very first speaker ever at SOBCon.
  • Phil was the official hugger at SOBCon Chicago 2013.

Defining Shut Up Moment:

I’ve had enough people tell me to stop and caused me to hold back. I’ve had to learn to tell them to shut up. Instead of diminishing it, I’ve decided to pour back in.

Shut Up Tips:

Do what you love in the service of people who love you. – Phil

You have to care about people. If you help people. You actually get more than you give. – Phil

I see a gap that exists in the world, I have an opportunity to become that resource. – Berni

You’ve got to feed your friendlies. You’ve got to take care of those people who take care of you even when you don’t think you have anything to give. – Phil

I don’t serve everybody. The ones I serve are the most important ones. – Phil

Coaches need other coaches. It’s lonely. We can’t fill our own bucket. The only competition we have is ourselves. – Phil

Does love have a place in business? You’re damn right. How else do you teach your customers how to love and serve others? – Phil

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