Pilot Episode: Introduction to The Shut Up Show (Archives)

For the show today, we are replaying the pilot episode where Phil and I talk about what it means to “shut up.” When we launched the show nearly one year ago, we knew others like us–like you–were frustrated and overwhelmed. We wanted to create a platform where entrepreneurs could help each other take baby steps and sometimes even leaps to brave through each day. So much has changed since Phil and I recorded this pilot episode… and yet so much has stayed the same.

 Watch the show (uncensored & unedited) 

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It’s an extremely exciting time to be a media company in today’s connection economy. Having your own show and lots of smart people to talk to every week will do that for your personal growth and professional development.

Whether you have been here since we started in April 2013 or are new to #shutupshow community, I want to thank each and every one of you for showing up to help us “shut up and make shit happen.” We couldn’t have made it this far without your support.

As I revealed in the 100th episode, the second season of the show will be new and improved to deliver you everything you’ve been asking for!

Here are interesting stats from the survey we sent out to fellow shut up’ers:

  • 68% have already left their job to start a new venture or are living the dream
  • 37% want downloadable products or web-based training or coaching to engage further
  • 36% want strategies, ideas, tools and tips to launch projects
  • 30% want episodes between 30 to 44 minutes

Based on these responses, here’s how we’re evolving the show in 2014:

  • Moving from interview-based to topic-themed episodes
  • Featured guests will be co-hosting, not “interviewed” to tackle topics more deeply
  • Introducing webinars and online events to provide “why should” and “how to” training and information sessions
  • Coaching and consulting programs and products to provide even more support
  • Newsletter will be less broadcasting and more educational to supplement the video show and podcast
  • Discount offers for products and services we either sell or endorse through trusted partnerships
  • Community where you can engage with each other
  • “We” will become “I” as I take on 100% responsibility for the show

The show broadcasts LIVE via Google Hangouts On Air at least once every week. The videos are uncensored and unedited to keep the conversation raw and vulnerable. We publish a replay of each episode within 1 to 2 weeks of its original airing date on the video blog and podcast. Each episode will feature a guest co-host and me discussing a selected theme for the month. Most episodes run about 30 minutes or less.

What has never changed since the beginning… at the core of every episode, we will always help you “brave through fear.”