Recognizing Patterns Looking Back on 40 Years – Phil’s Birthday Tribute – Episode 66

As I write this, today is Phil’s 40th Birthday celebration! As we celebrate Phil’s milestone, I thought it would be fun to have Phil take us through the lessons he has learned and patterns he has recognized over the last 40 years. It’s crazy to believe we’ve recorded over 60 episodes now and I’m still learning new things about my co-shut up’er every single day. Cheers to Phil and to you my awesome shut up’ers of making shit happen!


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Shut Up Tips:

 Done is better than perfect and when you have a partner, you’re accountable to someone. – Phil

We could have quit but neither of us wanted to let each other down. – Phil

In some ways I’m the smartest guy in the room. In other ways, I’m the dumbest guy in the room. – Phil

I can over learn. I read too much. I get inside my head way too much. That’s a big problem. – Phil

I’ve had some moderate success. I’ve published a couple thousand articles. I’ve published some books. My biggest thing is when I have partners I trust and I can work with then I can get things done and it always turns out better. – Phil

I have to choose myself before anyone else. – Phil

If I choose to try to do it myself, I find that I’m going to fail because I need somebody to fill in those gaps. – Phil

If I throw me in last, I trickle down. If I throw me in first, then the rest of the world sits on top. – Phil

Being extroverted with a capital E means I want people around me. I need their energy to give me energy. I feed off of that. – Phil

Think of me as someone who needs an external power supply to plug into. And that power supply is people. – Phil

I can spiral down as fast as I can spiral up and if I don’t have people around me sometimes that happens automatically. I don’t even think about it. – Phil

I’ve got that kind of contagious energy–negative or positive–that can wreck a team or light them up. – Phil

If you’re a capital E extrovert and you try to fight through it, you’re gonna make everyone around you hate your guts because you’re gonna be a capital A asshole. – Phil

That negativity is so foreign it’s like putting on a coat that’s 100 sizes too small. You know it doesn’t fit but you don’t know why. You know it’s wicked uncomfortable–so that causes a problem–but you don’t know why its strapped on your gnads and you don’t know what to do. – Phil

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What to do after recognizing a pattern: Awareness. Own it. Over it.

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It’s Phil’s 40th Birthday celebration tonight as I write this! If you’re in Milwaukee, come join the festivities. If you’re unable to join us in person, we’ll be LIVE streaming the event here.

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