How to Tell Anyone Anything with Rich Gallagher – Episode 103

Today’s featured guest was one of Cornell University’s first dual majors in engineering and psychology where people joked he would grow up to build bridges that would talk people out of jumping off of them. Rich S. Gallagher grew up to become one of the world’s leading experts in workplace communications skills and we are so happy to feature him today on the show. Rich has a unique and contrarian view on handling fear so we thought we would spice up the show by asking him to tell us how “embracing fear” is not such a good idea.


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Communication is not about being nicer. It’s about using better words to convey your point. – @gallagherpoc #shutupshow (click to tweet)

Fun Facts:

  • Author of nine nationally-published books, including two #1 customer service bestsellers.
  • Finalist for 2008 800-CEO-READ Business Book of the Year.
  • Four-time top 50 communications skills author.
  • Contributing blogger for NYT bestselling author Carol Roth’s Business Unplugged blog, #1 customer service bestseller, and many others.
  • Featured in Dale Carnegie training,, BusinessWeek, CIO Magazine, the New York Post, the China Post, morning drive radio, and numerous other media outlets worldwide.
  • Rich has personally trained over 25,000 people and counting

Defining SHUT UP Moment:

Psychotherapy was the path not taken until five years ago. I started focusing on communication when I was an engineering supervisor at Boeing. I noticed while I worked there, the people who were really successful knew how to write, speak and sell ideas to people. We measure everything everything. Learning communication skills was the bedrock to moving the needle. Today, I am a marriage and family therapist and public speaker. My job is getting people mad at me and diffusing it.


Learning communication skills is the bedrock to moving the needle. – Rich S. Gallagher

My second golden rule is you cannot criticize anybody for whatever whenever. – Rich S. Gallagher

Strength based communication is about speaking to people in a way that makes them feel safe or heard even when they’re violent or doing unfortunate things. – Rich S. Gallagher

You have to start with safety and go back to safety. – Rich S. Gallagher

Communication is not about being nicer. It’s about using better words to convey your point. – Rich S. Gallagher

I used to suffer from severe anxiety disorders. Along the same lines, I’d learn to be fully present with the experience. Gradually desensitizing one baby step at a time until it becomes second nature. – Rich S. Gallagher 

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