Striving for ‘Imprefection’ with Chief Recovering Perfectionist Scott ‘Q’ Marcus – Episode 97

Thanks to former guest Jessica Pettitt, Phil had the pleasure to become acquainted with today’ guest, Scott “Q” Marcus. Scott is an expert in weight loss and habit change. Scott has lost 2,327 pounds if you add up all the weight he has lost (and regained) since childhood. On today’s episode, he takes Phil through the inner chatter that went on in his head during the darkest and saddest times throughout his 40+ year journey from overweight and out of control to a healthier, THINSpirational motivator.

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Fun Facts:

  • Scott “Q” Marcus is a Recovering Perfectionist.
  • Scott has lost 2,327 pounds if you add up all the weight he has lost (and regained) since childhood.
  • In 1993, on his 39th birthday, after suffering from chest pains, backaches, financial ruin, and a failing marriage, he decided–one more time–to take control of his life and lost 70 pounds over the next 364 days, which he has maintained to date.
  • In addition to speaking, Scott has a weekly syndicated column that began in 2004, “Striving for Imprefection,” and he produces motivational cruises and retreats.
  • Scott is the past president of the Northern California chapter of the National Speakers Association.
  • Scott is the author of three books, as well as the publisher and founder of the motivational magazine, “Two Words: Hope, Inspiration, and Change from a Simple Phrase.”
  • Scott had a three-decade career in the media as a DJ, talk Telly Awards show host, Music Director, Program Director, Operations Director and later: sales manager, station manager, and general manager of various radio and TV stations.
  • After leaving the media, Scott became an independent representative for an advertising agency and won two national Telly awards for TV campaigns he helped devise.

Defining Shut Up Moment:

I lost weight in 1971 as a teen, almost 100 pounds. Then I put it back on. I lost it again in my 20’s. Put it back on again. On my 39th birthday, my wife at the time and I were going through marital problems. We had a party for me. You could cut the tension in the room with a knife. Our guests were making excuses to leave. When you’re going through weight loss, you don’t eat in front of others. After every one left and my wife went to sleep, I ate the birthday cake right out of the garbage. I was sad and didn’t want to feel that way anymore. At that moment I realized I had to shift from needing to lose weight to wanting to lose weight.

Shut Up Tips:

All the noise in your head gets in the way. I beame a student of the noise in your head. I’ve now been doing that for 21 years. – Scott “Q” Marcus

Everything you do is with intention. People don’t buy what they need, they buy what they want. – Scott “Q” Marcus

I had loads of shame, embarrassment and realized I was out of control. It wasn’t about being thin or healthy it was about wanting to feel good about myself again and in control. – Scott “Q” Marcus

Yeah it’s glamorous to be driving at 2 in the morning to your Motel 6 because your flight was late. – Scott “Q” Marcus

I’m a firm believer we have dark places in our heads. We think we’re the only ones that do. But we’re not. – Scott “Q” Marcus

If you do 51% of the things to be successful then you’ll be successful. – Scott “Q” Marcus

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