The Solopreneur’s Guide for Shutting Up and Making Shit Happen

As you know, shut up community, our show has hit the 100 episodes milestone. And if you know anything about us or the guests we’ve brought on, we’re not about making excuses and letting fear get in the way.

We’re all about “shutting up and making shit happen.”

However, we are human, so the “getting stuckness” can be very, very common. Especially for solopreneurs who often feel alone on their own little island.

If you’re like me, the thought of creating a large body of work is daunting. “But I need a good design! I need the right colors! I need a hot topic right now! I need a bigger list! I need… I need…” It’s paralyzing to even think about all the possible reasons why we shouldn’t hit publish. Or, worse yet, even start the process at all.

Writing an e-book for the show has been a lingering thought in my mind for months now. As I write this (the evening before I hit publish on this post), I told myself, “Shut up, Berni. Make this shit happen.”

So instead of waiting for the right circumstances to pull the trigger on the e-book I’ve been meaning to write since 2013, I simply started writing. Under four hours later, I produced, edited and published the show’s first e-book in a single sitting to convey to you just how simple it is to “shut up and make shit happen.”

Thanks to our awesome sponsor, who makes selling online seriously simple, the process to setup and gift this e-book to you literally only took me a couple minutes to do.

What you’ll get with the 18-page e-book?

  • Over 80 SHUT UP tips from our first 100 episodes
  • Hyperlinks to all guest-featured episodes from our first 100
  • Access to THE SHUT UP SHOW insider community and newsletter

So what ya waiting for? SHUT UP and sign up already!



P.S. If you know someone who wants help shutting up and making shit happen, gift them with this free gift by sharing a link to this post. 

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