How to Refine the Story You Want to Tell (Shin Kicking Mondays)

In this episode of Shin Kicking Mondays, I respond to a question sent in by Jon Wilkening.

Jon says, “I don’t know the main story that I want to tell with my online presence. I feel like I am trying to tell multiple stories right now resulting in none of them consistently being communicated. I feel the desire to relate my own personal journey to where I could no longer not be creative but I also need to tell the story of my art to be successful. I cant just throw my art into the world without a story…how did you learn to tell your story?”

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Get in the habit of writing even if you’re not a writer. It will help you refine the story you want to tell. @BerniXiong #shinkickingmon (click to tweet)

WHAT’S IN TODAY’S SHIN KICKING TOOLKIT? (I used this tool when I was starting my daily practice of journaling and writing.)

The Year of the Brave Bear: How to Unleash Your Voice and Stand Out in the World (This is the book I’ve been meaning to write since 2011. Download an unabridged copy for free here.)

Susan Baroncini-Moe (My coach in 2013 who helped me with my new tagline.)

Jon Wilkening (Transforming the world around him into a hazy dream using a pinhole camera.)

Google forms (I use this to survey my audience for free.)


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