Why Am I Still Here? (Shin Kicking Mondays)

Why am I still here? can mean you’re sick and tired of tolerating the BS and you’re ready to step out of your current situation. Why am I still here? can also mean you have no idea whether people are showing up to consume the good work you are putting out into the world.

Whether you are feeling stuck in your current job and straddling that line or exhausted from running your own business not feeling you’ve made any traction, know this…this in-between stage is only temporary. Check out today’s episode of Shin Kicking Mondays if you know what’s good for you =)

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Growing out a fauxhawk is like building a business. I hate the in-between stage but in a year it’ll look much better than today. @BerniXiong #shinkickingmon (click to tweet)


It doesn’t matter whether they show up. It’s imortant that I show up. To help the people I want to help. To do the work I’d rather be doing because it matters so much to me. – @BerniXiong #shinkickingmon

The moment I show up to do this work and take action to bring my craft out into the world, only then can I expect you to show up with me. – @BerniXiong #shinkickingmon

Showing up is hard work in itself. That’s the first step you need to take before anything else is to just show up at all. – @BerniXiong #shinkickingmon

Show up because you can. – @BerniXiong #shinkickingmon

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