Staying Hungry Even When You Don’t Make a Dime – Episode 62

November 27, 2013

In today’s backstage episode, Phil and I talk about the starving vs. hungry mentality. How the difference in mindset can manifest itself into desire or desperation, which can help or hinder the way you show up in the world.

We didn’t make a dime doing the show when we started this little side project 7 months ago. For Phil and me, we’ve felt compelled to show up every single week because we are extremely grateful for each other and the amazing work we get to do on the show. Quite frankly, we didn’t care about how we’d monetize. Our primary goal was to expose our fears and amplify stories of brave entrepreneurs to help you know you’re not alone.

After showing up every single week doing what we love and pouring our heart into producing quality content to add value for you–our fellow solopreneurs–our good and hard work paid off. Today (ironically the same week as Thanksgiving in the U.S.) we’re so excited to announce The SHUT UP Show’s first sponsor.

A huge thank you to Selz and their rock star community manager Melissa Whidjaya for supporting our show and conspiring with us to help you shut up and make shit happen with an incredibly simple tool that will help you sell the work you love to do and get paid.


Watch the show (uncensored & unedited) 

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Shut Up Tips:

We’ve had no plan to monetize this show. Our focus has been on providing quality content and adding massive value to people’s lives. – Phil

We led with heart, soul and content because we needed this as much as our audience who is showing up with us. But on the back end we had to balance our time and resources so we could deliver a show every week. – Berni

The goal is to provide massive value every single stinkin’ episode with stuff everybody can use to fix their mindset or fix their actions. To align themselves in a way that makes them more optimal and get past the BS they tell themselves. – Phil

While you were talking, it literally took me 6 seconds to sign up on Super simple to do. Their tagline should be, “be selling in seconds,” it really is that easy. – Phil

I have no real artistic ability. It took me longer to create the Facebook Timeline Cover product than to put it up for sale on – Berni

We can joke about making a $3.00 sale, but you have to start somewhere. The first sale has to be something. The great news is we were able to make this happen literally in minutes. $3.00 that takes 3 seconds to set up… if we can repeat that, it scales up pretty nicely. Embed that widget on my web site. It sells. – Phil

I like the word hungry. Kind of like how I like the word fear. I hate being afraid, but I use fear to fuel me. – Berni

I think the difference between hungry and starving is desire vs. desperation. I want something vs. I need something. I want to make a million dollars a year. I want to serve a million people. Those are my big goals. But needing something is more primal and desperate. Like if you need $100 to pay the rent this month. – Phil

For the longest time I felt like I had to be less me in order to become more successful at honing my voice, which sounds counter-intuitive. But the more I embraced me and let me stand out–deficiencies and all–I found my voice, which I knew was already there. – Berni

Think about your greater purpose, not your immediate purpose. Feed me first before feeding others. – Phil

Stay hungry and avoid being desperate. – Phil

I focus on the bigger picture of where I’m headed and stay focused on a firm picture of the future. And then I’m able to live today as though I’m making a step towards that, because I am. – Phil

I could lounge around on the couch, but I realize there’s people to help. There’s things to do. There’s a lot to learn. So many amazing people to meet. Get up and go do this because if I die tomorrow, I would regret I sat on my ass today. – Berni

Being successful is getting through every single day to achieve what I wanted to do that day. – Berni

Find your desire, focus on that. Get the hell away from desperation and you can accidentally make money doing what you love if you work your butt off and attract the right sponsors and stuff to do business with. – Phil

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