Stop Being a 75th Rate Edition of Everyone Else – Episode 12

June 29, 2013

Comparing yourself to others can be dangerous for your business and for your life. In this episode, Berni and Phil talk about comparing yourself to others, how to make constructive comparisons, and why it’s so important to surround yourself with people who love and support you. Here’s the Fast Company article that inspired this discussion.

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Fun Facts:

  • Berni is a Hmong-American. Phil had to remind her in this episode that she’s Asian!
  • In 8th grade, after being told by a guidance counselor he should switch to easy math, Phil schooled a substitute math teacher on how to teach class the right way.
  • Berni’s mom called her a rooster after dying her hair fire red, which is her mom’s slang for “gangster.”

Shut Up Tips:

We’re first rate editions of ourselves but probably a 75th rate edition of everybody else. – Phil

The underlying reason we compare ourselves is because we don’t think we’re good enough. Be the best YOU! – Phil

Image and reputation meant everything to me growing up in my culture. I used to be a chameleon because I wanted to blend in. Now I defy the rules. – Berni

It doesn’t discourage me when people like AJ Leon or you tell me sometimes you don’t feel good enough. Instead, it fuels me with more hope and bravery when I can compare myself to great people and find a common thread like that. – Berni


What about you? Do you have any shut up tips we can use to stop comparing ourselves to others?


Photo credit: Keoni Cabral