Srini Rao Teaches Us About the Art of Being Unmistakable – SUS06

If you missed our pilot episode, no worries. In today’s episode featuring Srini Rao, I go into a little detail about why Phil and I launched The Shut Up Show. If you haven’t yet heard of Srini, he is a surfing “corporate misfit” solopreneur with an unmistakable story that will inspire you. Phil and I are so damn proud to call him friend. Especially since he unintentionally inspired me to stop stalling, shut up and make shit happen. I kick off the show by thanking him for teaching me bravery, not only through his words, but more importantly through his actions.

In this episode, Srini teaches us invaluable lessons about how to catch our own wave as we ride the school of life and learn the art of being unmistakable.

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