Greg Hartle Teaches Us How to Succeed Starting From Scratch – SUS08

What would you do if you had to start over? From scratch. You have no access to your current resources. You have no home. No car. All you have is ten dollars and a laptop. How would you begin rebuilding your life?

Sounds crazy scary, doesn’t it? To most sane people, this would be your worst nightmare. In today’s episode, Greg Hartle joins Phil and me to talk about how this has been his journey since January 5th, 2011, when he left on an epic quest to discover what it takes to succeed starting from scratch.

Greg is one the smartest people I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting in person, but what is even more humbling to me is learning from him through his actions. I carry a Greg Hartle mantra with me every single day of my life, which has made me a better person. In our chat with Greg, we talk a lot about making contributions and leaving an impact in the world. This is an episode you don’t want to miss.

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