Love in the Time of the Owner with Chris Brogan – SUS14

Happy anniversary, happy anniversary, happy anniversary, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Today’s episode marks a very important milestone in Phil’s and my journey… we are now 25 episodes old! We couldn’t think of a more fitting guest than Phil’s brother-from-another-mother (Hi Diane!) and my long lost cousin (Hi #KTCO!), Chris Brogan.

Though Chris is well known for his savvy ways with social media tools, those who evangelize his work like Phil and I do know he is truly a prolific writer and teacher above anything else. This guy has been writing since before Al Gore invented the Internet and when blogging wasn’t even called blogging yet! He’s taught us about braving through clinical depression, learning to love the grind, telling bigger stories, building a platform of value, and how to improve your business.

In today’s episode, Chris tells us what scares him as he embarks on a major change and one of the most exciting shifts in his business.

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