The Life Coach Post Shared Round the World – Episode 37

In case you missed it last week, I wrote a post that went viral at my blog. Normally, Phil and I rarely talk about these types of things here on The SHUT UP Show because blogging metrics have nothing to do with our topic of conversation. As you know, we talk about FEAR. However, this post had EVERY THING to do with fear. Starting with me sitting on the topic for six months before finally taking the message public last week.

Would anybody care about this topic? Is my writing any good? Do I sound like I’m just complaining? Will I get backlash from my industry for writing such a cheeky post?

If your thoughts have ever resembled the inner chatter I heard last Wednesday night right before I hit publish, you’ll appreciate this backstage episode where I tell the truth to Phil about what inspired me to write the post shared round the world.


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Defining Shut Up Moment:

There was no strategy. No tactics. All I did was I wrote something that has been weighing on my mind and heart for six months now. I pulled a Srini. He says “when you are afraid to hit publish, you’ve probably written some of your best work.” I had a gut feeling the message was going to hit home for the readers but I didn’t know my post would go viral. I was inspired by a cheeky article I read the night before and it inspired me to be a little cheeky too. I said screw it, I’ve been sitting on this topic for six months now. I’ve got to write my heart out about this.

I thought the topic was so important. If I’m feeling this way about someone who has no idea how to do things, who doesn’t even have the community and platform I’ve built, and they’re trying to school me on how to do things… I was irritated that there are people not qualified and inexperienced out there charging an arm and a leg and ruining the profession for other coaches who actually are doing good shit. Within 48 hours, my post got shared over 1000 times and I increased my newsletter subscriber list by 16%. The majority of the new subscribers, ironically, were life coaches. – Berni

Shut Up Tips:

I don’t have to muscle up on you and show you how smart or credentialed I am. What you really wanna see is results. – Phil

The title you call yourself doesn’t mean crap. If you’re not doing what you say you’re doing, shut up. – Phil

Just be confident and a little cocky but stop showing off. Just go do something awesome and make it happen. – Phil

We’re not saying we’re gurus. We’re not saying we’re experts. It’s not what we call ourselves. It’s what we do and the impact we make that matters. – Berni

Vanity metrics are essential, but we’re not leading with that. – Berni

Our goal is to get episodes done and make an impact. – Phil

It’s perfectly okay to be afraid. But it’s not afraid to stop moving. – Phil

I honestly believe the greatest metric is hard to measure through numbers and analytics. – Berni

If you suck, just stop. Don’t pretend you’re an expert, just go practice some more. – Phil

Do what you love in the service of those who love what you do. – Steve Farber

Be cocky enough to say “Hell no this is BS. I’m gonna do the right thing ’cause I know it’s right.” – Phil

If the fear is I’m going offend somebody, it’s okay. They’re probably not in my tribe any way. – Berni

If you’re just plain vanilla, nobody is gonna find you. Plain vanilla is the absence of flavor. Be some Rocky Road. Be Cherry Garcia. Pick a flavor. Make it your own and go be your best ice cream. – Phil

Berni and Phil Recommend:

Berni’s blog post that went viral: Stop Calling Yourself a Life Coach, Start Doing More Good Shit

Phil’s 3 content creation metrics:

  1. Did I make an impact?
  2. Did I have fun?
  3. Was I passionate?

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