Learning to Trust Your Instincts with The Tarot Lady, Theresa Reed – Episode 91

I am so excited to share today’s special guest with you, shut up’ers! In this episode, Phil and I got to talk to one of my most favorite people: Theresa Reed, my spiritual goddess. I didn’t dive into great detail in this episode but it’s important I mention that Theresa was a powerful force in helping me brave through one of the most paralyzing times in my life. My first Tarot reading with Theresa happened about two weeks after I was hospitalized in 2008; just one month after I quit my corporate job and launched my coaching business. I believe meeting Theresa was one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received. My Tarot experience with her saved my life while I was entertaining the idea of letting myself whittle away to nothing and giving up.

When you watch this episode, you’ll hear Theresa say, “When we have a better idea of where we’re going, we are better able to make conscious decisions.” She couldn’t be more right, which is why I’ve rehired her every single year since 2008 to help me prepare for each new year with greater clarity and confidence.

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Fun Facts:

  • Theresa Reed picked up her first Tarot deck at age 15.
  • Theresa has done readings on thousands of clients for over 30 years.
  • She has worked with a wide variety of clients (including yours truly), from police officers to recovering addicts to new mothers to angst-ridden teens.
  • She hosted The Tarot Lady Show offering free live tarot readings & practical wisdom for thousands of listeners each month and co-hosted Beyond Worlds, the top Internet radio show for tarot education.
  • Theresa has been published in Tarosophist International Magazine and The Beltane Papers, as well as the TABI Tarot Blog, Fool Stop Tarot Blog and Tarot Elements.
  • Theresa is also a certified yoga instructor at Inner Divinity Yoga in Milwaukee where she loves playing gangsta rap during downward-facing dog and providing an eclectic experience for her yogis.
  • Theresa has worked with business coach Erika Lyremark of Daily Whip, who we’ve formerly featured here on The SHUT UP Show.

Defining Shut Up Moment:

ON THE ACCIDENTAL CAREER: Not a lot of people plan to become a tarot reader. I just happened to do it for a long time. I was going through a lot of personal and professional transitions in my life. I decided to get a mindless job that ended up not being a mindless job, which was bartending. I was at a bar. My shift was very slow. So one day I brought in my Tarot cards to give me something to do. A lot of people started to come in for the tarot readings and not the drinks. What ended up happening for me was I mentioned to my boss I was thinking about starting my own tarot business. He ended up talking about me behind my back and said I was going to fail. So I quit my job not knowing a damn thing about business. Here I am doing it for 25 years and more successful every year. It’s been a really great journey but it was a very scary leap.

ON BRAVING THROUGH THE STIGMA: I grew up in a house where intuition was valued above book smarts. My parents were farmers. They operated based on their instintcs. Because that was valued, I was very comfortable at tuning in and feeling things out. I’ve been aware of intuition from a very young age because that’s how I grew up. I love it when people try to research and intellectualize it because I feel like they’re gonna kill it then. It’s not like that. It’s just there. It’s present. We all have it in different degrees. Animals have it. It’s just instinct. My parents were really cool about this stuff until I did it for a living. I questioned the rule at a young age but I worked through the anxiety around my family’s anxiety. We’re told Tarot is a creepy career. Tarot can help us to live with less fear. It gives us a little road map.

Shut Up Tips:

Nobody likes to talk about the icky, scary parts in business. – Theresa Reed

What we see a lot of times are these illusions where people do what I call unicorns and sea monkeys. It really sends a message that business is for the brave and somehow it’s easier than it looks.  – Theresa Reed

Any time you go into business, it’s work. You’ll have fears that come up all the time that you have to leap frog over.  – Theresa Reed

I’m in a weird career so it adds a whole other stigma. It’s one where people can sometimes be rude and quite ignorant because they don’t understand it. It’s really required me to deal with a tremendous amount of issues and fears and boundaries on a continuous basis. – Theresa Reed

Your Tarot reading is only going to be as good as how you show up to the reading. If you’re skeptical, you’ve already made your mind up it’s not going to work.  – Theresa Reed

I don’t believe anything is cut in stone. I believe a lot in free will. When we have a better idea of where we’re going, we are better able to make conscious decisions.  – Theresa Reed

Tarot is about conscious living. It’s about bringing awareness to everything going on around me; things that happened in my past and what may be, so I can start co-creating my life with the universe in a way that’s going to be in my highest good.  – Theresa Reed

So many of us sleepwalk through life. Knowing the energies helps us become more aware.  – Theresa Reed

Being open means you are looking at this experience with spaciousness. You’re leaving all your preconceived notions at the door that can often color our thinking. If you have that kind of attitude before you get into something, you shouldn’t be getting into it at all. – Theresa Reed

I believe everyone has intuition and has a sense of who they are. We sometimes shut that off. We help you pull out what you already know and help you look at it in a different way. – Theresa Reed

Theresa Recommends:

I know my industry is aging. One day I will retire and one of my biggest fears is I don’t see any outreach to younger people and I worry who’s going to carry the torch. How can I keep a legacy going and let people see this is a viable career? I want to see younger faces learning to use tarot as a tool for guidance. – Theresa Reed

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