What Do You Do When Your Plans Don’t Work? – Episode 6

Berni and Phil chat about perceived tragedies and train wrecks after a medical emergency took their intended guest off the calendar last-minute before recording episode 6. Ironically, this episode went LIVE shortly after tornadoes devastated Oklahoma killing 24 people (10 of them children) and destroyed thousands of homes. It seemed only fitting to talk about deviating from the plan and preparing for change.

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Fun Facts:

  • Phil turns 40 this year and Berni compliments his great skin.
  • Berni and Phil each typically finalize their talking points and presentation slides just days before delivering speeches to allow for unanticipated changes.

Defining Shut Up Moment:

On breaking through barriers with clients: People think that if they plan, it should work. Even if there are clear signs that say “detour,” some of us do not accept there’s another way. Part of it is how we are raised to see only black-and-white. Part of it is our own ignorance. Perhaps what has worked is the only thing we know. At the same token, we might be afraid to try what has habitually not worked for us. We hold on to any security we have. Honestly, there are so many people who are resistant to change. Once we can help them understand they’re just resistant to changing, we can help them see there is a connection to what they’re already doing and then help them break it down into manageable steps.

Shut Up Tips:

Sometimes out of great struggle and great tragedy comes great triumph. – Phil

I’m really good at rising above it when shit happens. – Berni

Take advantage of this tragedy and see it as an opportunity instead of a train wreck. – Berni

Failure is neither bad nor good inherently unless we don’t learn from it or move past it. – Phil

I don’t believe a person is a failure. I believe it is a condition or experience a person goes through. – Berni

I don’t believe it is a failure if you try something, end up not liking it and change your mind. – Berni

Parents teach you to scold the behavior, not the child. It’s not “I don’t like you,” it’s “I don’t like your behavior.” We should do that for ourselves too. – Phil

If you don’t like your job and you keep staying at it and complain, you’re not a failure. You’re an idiot! – Phil

All the students were thinking about, while sitting in the auditorium waiting for me to give my speech, was “what if the major I choose is the wrong one?” – Berni

Often the best-laid plans don’t work anyway. Prepare for the change but then if they go sideways, be okay with that. – Phil

Sometimes it means you get a lot better story–a lot better experience–if you’re open to the change. Embrace the change instead of holding on to what we think we have, which is probably not that stable anyways. – Phil

I think it’s awesome when you can deviate from the plan and say “oops, my bad, changed my mind,” and you can keep moving forward in spite of it. – Berni

I think we get what we need when we’re ready for it. – Phil

The journey to accepting yourself is harder than accepting others. – Phil

You’ll learn to love yourself and it will help your business in so many ways. You are your own product. If you don’t believe it, why would somebody else? – Phil

Pick something about yourself, your business, and just fall in love with it. Recognize that will be your mustard seed that will explode into something big. – Phil

People think change is such a big deal, when actually it’s just a little degree. – Phil

Change can be overwhelming if we don’t break them down into manageable steps. – Berni

Everybody is capable of making change work for them, it depends on whether you react constructively or destructively to it. – Berni

The difference between a reaction and response. Reacting often comes as an action. We move and we react. Response takes longer and requires more thought. Focus on response. It gives us the break we need to make a better choice. – Phil

What about you? What do you do when your plans don’t work?