Why Serendipity is Real and Luck is Bull Shit – Episode 46

Today’s backstage episode Phil and I talk about the S word: SERENDIPITY. How we wouldn’t be doing this show for you awesome shut up’ers had life and work not taken us where it did. Good times and bad. When we peel back the layers to uncover how we got here, it’s pretty amazing what we learned about each other, ourselves, our guests and all of you brave peeps alike.


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Shut Up Tips:

Be more you. When you’re finally ready to hear it and someone you trust pours it into your life, it finally makes sense. That’s serendipity. – Phil

The SHUT UP Show was born in less than 3 days and we haven’t stopped since. It’s been 6 months now.You and I could have not calculated what has happened up to today, or 6 months ago, or even 5 years ago. – Berni

I think serendipity is real. Luck is bull shit. – Phil

Serendipity is stuff that happens when it’s meant to happen. Things happen on purpose for your purpose. – Phil

This world is big but you’re not the only one. Everything we’ve experienced has led us to right now. Don’t throw stuff away. You don’t want to redo. You want to make a better decision next time. You want to take what you learned forward to being better. Everything you have done is who you are today and that is a wonderful person. – Phil

You’ve had bull shit in your life. I’ve had bull shit in my life. It doesn’t make you less. It makes you more. We have to lean into that. – Phil

Our lesson is to pay attention. Look for the lesson. Look for the serendipity. Accept it. Embrace it. Take it close to you and learn from the person and experience. Don’t worry so much about what people are gonna think about you. No one’s gonna judge us as hard as we do. – Phil

Be real. Express yourself when you need to, however you need to. You have a safe platform here to help you cope through difficult times. You’re not alone. – Berni

You don’t have to have all the answers. We don’t have the answers. You just have to take action. We’re all going to deal with shit from time to time. If we don’t even put ourselves out there to let you know what we’re going through, how can we give you a safe haven to do that for yourselves? – Berni

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The show is like a video support group for entrepreneurs. – Craig Price

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Berni & Phil

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