You Gotta Ship It to Sell It – Episode 83

January 17, 2014

Today’s first backstage episode of the year is brought to you by our amazing sponsor, Selz. Thanks to Selz, we are able to join you up to three times a week doing what we all love… helping you shut up and make shit happen.

Inside today’s episode, Phil and I talk about how we have shipped things half-assed or stalled on shipping at all. We look inside why we do this as people who produce “things” and how we can shift our mindset from thinking we have to be perfect to believing we are good enough to put it out into the world at all.


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Shut Up Tips:

Just shipped my first newsletter of the year. The first one in four months. I made a lot of excuses because I wanted it to be perfect. I made a lot of mistakes but we had a 40% open rate and 150 people responded. – Phil

Waiting versus being patient.. I don’t think they’re the same thing. I started writing a book in 2011 and when I was done I didn’t feel it was good enough. So I didn’t publish it. Although I was patient for the book and me to be ready for each other this year, I didn’t wait to write it. I ve been writing every day since 2011 and now the book is written. – Berni

Unless it’s a show stopper, I need to ship. – Phil

The goal is to get feedback. You’re gonna ship anyway but you can always make it better. – Phil

Another reason we don’t ship is because we’re hoarding it for ourselves when instead we should be having people iterate with us. – Berni

The goal is early stage feedback, not after it’s done. – Phil

I think I’m my market so I research myself and then I get upset because I don’t get good feedback. – Phil 

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Here’s my latest post on how (thanks to Selz) I was able sell a year-end deal even though my web site was down for 10 days: Who Needs a Web Site to Sell, Really?

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